#SSsports Chat Highlights 3/2/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have a gorgeous slope for our #SSsports picture!

On the 2011 NFL Combine…

  • @jmiketaylor: Both first rounders, and to the chagrin of the Rams, Jones is better than advertised. Rams will have to trade up to get a WR #SSsports
  • @jstar1973: @BarrtStarr But I’d still take AJ Green though. I think that kid has intangibles that Jones doesn’t. #SSsports
  • @BarrtStarr: i hate to make the al davis argument but jones has size and speed on green. all else equal? gimme jones. #SSsports
  • @prttimesouthpaw: those who love combine results first are those teams that draft high in multiple years. #raiders #bengals #lions #sssports
  • @A_RamseyLTSB: Locker actually threw decent. I think lack of talent around him at UW hurt but he has a ton of talent #SSsports
  • On the crazy college basketball season thus far…

  • @vic_k_: if duke does not win the title the season is a success #SSsports
  • @MAirJfan: @JHScramble all it takes is an elite 8 at somewhere like Tulsa and ur overrated for life….#Self #SSsports
  • @4QuartersRadio: Matt Painter IS National Coach of the Year. Period. #boilers To add to Big Ten love, yes, Matta >>> Self #SSsports
  • @mtread72: @4quartersradio How about Mike Brey? Has Irish rolling in toughest conference in America #SSsports
  • @4QuartersRadio: @mtread72 Painter gold, Lavin silver, Brey bronze #SSsports
  • On Carson Palmer’s unrelenting demand for a trade…

  • @alaskansurveyor: Hopeless? nah.. The #Bengals just need a new Head Coach, Qb & Ownership. And maybe move to LA too. #SSsports
  • @foczyzie: Palmer had to throw to OchoCinco, who wanted to move in with him and his wife. I mean, come on. http://yhoo.it/hGpNIJ #SSsports
  • @Eric66F: Until Bengals bring in a real GM, they can’t be taken seriously. Says a lot that Carson wants out. #SSsports
  • @Sports_R_Me_MP3: there’s been rumors of the Titans and possibly the 49ers trying to get Palmer. #Bengals #SSsports
  • @outlaw_pete_: #SSsports if that 80mill is really just sitting in a bank account he should fire his financial advisor!

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