#SSsports Chat Highlights 3/9/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have a photo of Alaska’s Mount Pilsbury (5790′) as our #SSsports picture!

On the recent problems with the Miami Heat…

  • @foczyzie: Bosh was overpaid, only big man on the team worth a damn and can’t drop a double-double on any team. Want the ball, take it. #SSsports
  • @alaskansurveyor: Heat’s BIG problem is finishing games. They got as much clutch as a 14 y/o learning to drive a stick. #SSsports
  • @roberterosen: This is just an overreaction and widespread panic perpetrated by the media. It’s too early to panic. #SSsports
  • @MattG2484: You mean just because you are good at cutting up film and editing it doesn’t equate into being a good coach? #SSsports
  • @chmoro1: #Heat #SSsports it seems bron is set on keeping wade out of big plays even tho he has 4 more finals wins than he. And a ring.
  • On the Jim Tressel punishment…

  • @dkspecial333: Tressel is the biggest hypocrite in the world, he talks about upstanding, high moral character, and then lies? what a joke #SSsports
  • @4QuartersRadio: @foczyzie Tressel would be fired already if he didn’t own Michigan’s soul every year. #SSsports
  • @prttimesouthpaw: we’re coming to the relization that revenue schools need these sports. world class research don’t pay 4 itself. #sssports
  • @MinisterofD: Way too many ways to cheat in college sports. Makes it harder the NCAA is very inconsistent on punishments. #SSsports
  • @SportsFanaddict: It’s an arms race and the ones with the most $$$ will win. NCAA must adapt. #SSsports
  • On the terrible officiating at the end of the Rutgers vs. St. John’s game…

  • @Poker_Journey: An NY based catholic team playing at the Garden on Ash Wednesday. RU never had a chance #SSsports
  • @MarchettiT: Digger Phelps said the officials were tired at the end of the game. Too tired to blow a whistle? #SSsports
  • @vic_k_: my theory is the refs wanted to get the game over in time, so they can be a part of #SSsports today
  • @Gabriel_Montoya: the ref clearly has a future as a boxing judge #SSsports
  • @dkspecial333: Mike Rice should get the classiest guy in sports award, seriously. I don’t know how I could stay calm after seeing that replay. #SSsports

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