#SSsports Chat Highlights 3/23/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have a steamy photo as our #SSsports picture!

On the NCAA Tournament…

  • @A_RamseyLTSB: the biggest shot was Brandon Knight’s layup. Best game was ‘Zona/Texas #SSsports
  • @revolvingrecord: @alaskansurveyor Gus Johnson makes everything better. #SSsports #riseandfire #countit
  • @MinisterofD: Pitt had it set up for them but once again blew it. #SSsports
  • @Sports_R_Me_MP3: @MinisterofD Pitt’s an overachieving team that gets exposed in the tournament. #SSsports
  • @StLouisGashouse: The marquee matchup is OSU – UK. Number one team versus number one fan base. #SSsports
  • On the woes and future of the New York Mets…

  • @DBYankees1: Their pitching is a disaster, Beltran is a cripple and 2nd base and catcher are questions. Might finish last. #sssports
  • @YankeesInk: We can expect to hit some games at Citi this year and spend abt. a buck each on Stubhub for great seats. #Sssports
  • @MarchettiT: Is there a team in any sport that has spent money more poorly than the Mets? Ollie, Castillo, Beltran, Etc… #SSsports
  • @alaskansurveyor: @Dynamite4Life #SSsports what problem? …..with the #Mets? 2011=1986 #backtothefuture
  • @davidfunk74: The front office problems mean another bad season for the Mets. No one is beating the Phillies in East anyway. #SSsports
  • On the Carmelo Anthony criticism…

  • @prttimesouthpaw: so you’re saying Isaiah is still making team decisions #sssports
  • @CLeeLove: always a rocky marriage when a player doesn’t produce fast Melo is finding NYC gives no passes #Knicks #SSsports
  • @DBYankees1: Melo’s is a scorer. A great one. But his teams have never won and he’s not a guy who makes others around him better. #sssports
  • @revolvingrecord: I think everyone should’nt worry so much. In the past month or so both Heat and Lakers had similar slumps. #sssports
  • @jstar1973: @revolvingrecord Lakers have a winning pedigree so they know how to handle adversity. Knicks don’t. #SSsports

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