Charles Barkley Rips Billy Packer for NCAA Tournament Coverage Comments

Way back in February, former CBS college basketball analyst Billy Packer made some choice comments about the CBS-Turner NCAA Tournament broadcasting setup. From USA TODAY’s Michael Hiestand: ESPN would be better, he says, partly because it has announcers doing college games all season. He likens using NBA announcers to when he used to turn down [...]

#SSsports Chat Highlights 3/9/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have a photo of Alaska’s Mount Pilsbury (5790′) as our #SSsports picture! On the recent problems with the Miami Heat… @foczyzie: Bosh was overpaid, only big man on the team worth a damn and can’t drop a [...]

EAS Unstoppable Tour with Sam Tickle and Larry Fitzgerald

Lieutenant Commander Sam Tickle, who served for more than a decade in the United States Navy, recently finished the EAS Unstoppable Tour, a journey of 30 sports in 30 days in 30 cities. The goal of the tour was to raise awareness for sports nutrition and to inspire people to be unstoppable in the pursuit [...]

#SSsports Chat Topics 3/9/11

This has been a newsworthy week in sports. With the college basketball postseason starting and various gates and scandals occurring, tonight’s #SSsports chat ought to be quite interesting. As always, please follow the chat from the Twitter account @SusanShanChat. There is only one requirement: please hashtag all tweets with #SSsports. To find out more about [...]

Francisco Liriano to the Yankees? Logic Behind the Move

Guest Post by Dan Mason, Edited by Susan Shan Lately, there has been a rumor floating around that the New York Yankees are pursuing LHP Francisco Liriano of the Minnesota Twins. Many people have scoffed at the notion that the Twins would trade their No. 1 starter with two years of control remaining on his [...]

Jeremy Hazell, Seton Hall Heating Up in Time for Big East Tournament

You could feel it in the air with 7:16 left in the game. The nervousness, the tension. The oh no, not again thoughts racing. The dread. Seton Hall had become all too familiar with the heartbreaking losses this season. They were up by seven against No. 23 Georgetown with seven minutes left, and lost by [...]

Are the Miami Heat the New Cleveland Cavaliers?

Are the Miami Heat the new Cleveland Cavaliers? Come on, laugh with me. The entire thing is pretty comical. I mean, didn’t LeBron James leave Cleveland in order to avoid this stuff? By this stuff, I’m referring to a good (or great) regular-season record but an inability to consistently beat quality teams. Consistently beat quality [...]

Jimmer Fredette Never Broke the Honor Code?

In light of the dismissal of BYU’s Brandon Davies for having sexual relations with his girlfriend and breaking the honor code, I had to put up this video of a 2009 Jimmer Fredette interview. Watch what he says at the 3:47 mark pertaining to the ladies. Very interesting, right? For a school that takes its [...]

#SSsports Chat Highlights 3/2/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have a gorgeous slope for our #SSsports picture! On the 2011 NFL Combine… @jmiketaylor: Both first rounders, and to the chagrin of the Rams, Jones is better than advertised. Rams will have to trade up to get [...]

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