#SSsports Chat Highlights 5/4/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have an incredible photo of the Delta River riverbed as our #SSsports picture!

On Rashard Mendenhall’s controversial tweets regarding 9/11 and Osama bin Laden…

  • @alaskansurveyor: #SSsports True that we shouldn’t celebrate a man’s death. But that has nothing to do with his 9/11 logic.
  • @R_deVilla: #SSsports I think it’s great that he publicly expressed how he felt bout the situation. Challenging what’s being TOLD to us..
  • @rashley314: Mendenhall’s blogpost was well thought out and well reasoned. there is danger in using only 140 characters #SSsports
  • @Tyler__Elliott: Section 3.2.1 is what I think he’s trying to say. (for the record, i disagree w/ it) http://tinyurl.com/cc7tu #SSsports
  • @brach_talk84: When is he going to start tweeting about the moon landing, Kennedy, and all the other US conspiracy theories? #SSsports
  • On the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat series…

  • @foczyzie: C’s were done once Shaq tricked Ainge to trade Perk, then sit out the season. “Win a ring for the king” indeed. #SSsports
  • @MarchettiT: Teams are not in trouble in a series until they lose at home. Celts will make it a series #SSsports
  • @MinisterofD: Perkins was big, especially for chemistry. Just think their age would catch up regardless. #SSsports
  • @CallMeRonnieD : kinda reminds me of when PHX traded Marion for Shaq. Money wise deal made sense but chemisty-wise killed them #SSsports
  • @spudz72: Not sure if Perk would make much more difference than JO. They need PP and Ray Ray to be PP and Ray Ray #SSsports
  • On the Jose Reyes to San Francisco trade rumors…

  • @GForceEditing: That doesn’t quite apply to teams in pennant race. If they need the player to get to WS, they’ll deal. #SSsports #mets
  • @TimBoddie: he won’t bring back a stable of top rate prospects like Lee, but talented/young enough to bring back at least 1 #SSsports
  • @MarchettiT: @TimBoddie Problem with Reyes is injuries and he has said publicly he wants Crawford money #SSsports
  • @Dynamite4Life: Beltran needs to get his @$$ back to KC after this season…Royals not doing to bad now #SSsports
  • @torrellmorton: Losing Reyes,Beltran,Wright would be a big blow to us #Mets Fans ;( #SSsports

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