#SSsports Chat Topics 5/11/11

First off, I apologize for not having a hockey topic this week (we’ll most certainly have one next week). However, there is plenty to discuss in the NBA, and no #SSsports chat is complete without an MLB topic. So, let’s get ready to verbally rumble!

As always, please follow the chat from the Twitter account @SusanShanChat. There is only one requirement: please hashtag all tweets with #SSsports. To find out more about the chat, click here. Also, be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve made the highlights!

For tonight’s #SSsports Twitter Chat, we will discuss the following topics:

1. NBA: The playoffs have been shocking and unpredictable thus far. Who would’ve guessed that last year’s champion would get swept and last year’s runner-up would be down 3-1 in the conference semifinals? Chicago has taken control of their series, but who will win the OKC-Memphis series? Let’s hash it out!

2. NBA: What’s next for the Lakers? With plaguing injuries, increasing age, and no head coach, where do they go from here? J.A. Adande has his opinions, but what are yours?

3. MLB: Albert Pujols and Chicago Cubs GM Jim Hendry shared a few hugs before yesterday’s game between the division rivals. Are they just hugs or do they mean something more (as in pertaining to Pujols’s upcoming free agency)?

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