#SSsports Chat Topics 5/25/11

I might be in Hawaii this week, but that’s not a reason to stop the #SSsports chat. The show must go on! Some dramatic occurrences have occurred this week in the world of sports, so let’s get going!

As always, please follow the chat from the Twitter account @SusanShanChat. There is only one requirement: please hashtag all tweets with #SSsports. To find out more about the chat, click here. Also, be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve made the highlights!

For tonight’s #SSsports Twitter Chat, we will discuss the following topics:

1. NBA: Mike Brown is the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant is “confused by the decision” and has no comment. How do you feel about the hire and was it the best decision for the Lakers?

2. NBA: Last night’s overtime loss put the Chicago Bulls in a deep hole. All of a sudden, the team that couldn’t close in the regular season – the Miami Heat – has shed its skin and become expert closers and a “gritty” defensive team. Are we in line for a Heat-Mavs final?

3. MLB: New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon apologized to Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and David Wright for his asinine comments. Publicly, the team has forgiven its owner. Privately, what do you think is going on in the clubhouse and in the players’ heads?

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