Pass the Crown: Crown Royal’s Virtual Gift Exchange

Although Thanksgiving just passed, I’d like to tell you what I’m thankful for: Crown Royal. No, seriously. This year, Crown Royal is introducing #PasstheCrown, its first ever digital gift exchange.

They’ve selected 20 bloggers and social media influencers to participate in their version of Yankee Swap / Chinese Gift Exchange / Dirty Santa; I was one of the lucky 20 chosen. Over the course of one month, each participant will receive a special gift from Crown Royal on a designated date.

Now comes the tricky part. Photos of our gifts will be sent to us but the gift will be virtually wrapped in an embroidered Crown Royal bag; hence, we don’t know what’s inside. Check out the image below for an example:

*If you like the embroidery work on that iconic Crown Royal bag, it’s available to adults (21+) on for $9.95 and features a max of 40 characters – perfect for the person who says it short and sweet. Or, you can also personalize a Crown Royal bottle label – for free.

It’s up to each of us to decide whether we want to risk opening the bag and keeping our gift or whether we want to steal someone else’s gift that was opened before us. If I choose to steal someone else’s gift (he or she must keep my gift), I risk having that gift stolen by another participant later.

Here is where we currently stand with our gifts:

As you can see, I’m up tomorrow. I’m going to need your help in determining whether I ought to keep my gift or steal someone else’s gift. Still, I can’t get too comfortable with whichever gift I end up with because that gift could get stolen by a later participant.

I’ll get a hint as to what my gift is, and it will be up to all of you, collectively, to decide what I should do. I can’t wait!

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