Qatar Wins 2022 FIFA World Cup Host Bid

The agonizing wait is finally over; Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The winning bid comes amidst all types of allegations of corruption (no surprise), which resulted in voting bans for two executive committee members.

Like YAHOO! Sports’ Martin Rogers said, “Qatar has gone about its campaign in a brazen fashion, throwing around vast sums of money by hiring leading international figures such as Zinedine Zidane to provide backing. To be fair, that is pretty much the only approach that was going to make any waves and it has worked like a charm so far. The suspicion of impropriety will linger, despite a FIFA hearing that cleared Qatar and Spain (a 2018 World Cup contender) of vote-trading.”

Logically, the United States was the best choice; they have the best facilities, would generate the biggest profits, and would provide the safest environment. None of that mattered though.

FIFA was sold on dreams and promises. Qatar promised to “overcome heat of up to 130 degrees with air conditioned outdoor stadiums” and “promised to spend $50 billion on infrastructure upgrades and $4 billion to build nine stadiums and renovate three others.” All this from a nation that has never qualified for a World Cup.

The most glaring example of just how political FIFA is? Australia getting one vote. A single vote for a country that came in as the second favorite with 3/1 odds. Australia, no doubt, deserves to host a World Cup, and deserves it much more than Qatar, but they just weren’t as politically savvy or connected.

See the voting breakdowns below:

2018 FIFA World Cup™

Round 1: England 2 votes, Netherlands/Belgium 4 votes, Spain/Portugal 7 votes and Russia 9 votes (as no absolute majority was reached, the candidate with least amount of votes, England, was eliminated)

Round 2: Netherlands/Belgium 2 votes, Spain/Portugal 7 votes and Russia 13 votes (Russia obtained an absolute majority)

2022 FIFA World Cup™

Round 1: Australia 1 vote, Japan 3 votes, Korea Republic 4 votes, Qatar 11 votes, USA 3 votes (Australia eliminated)

Round 2: Japan 2 votes, Korea Republic 5 votes, Qatar 10 votes and USA 5 votes (Japan eliminated)

Round 3: Korea Republic 5 votes, Qatar 11 votes, USA 6 votes (Korea Republic eliminated)

Round 4: Qatar 14 votes and USA 8 votes (Qatar obtained an absolute majority)


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