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Crazy Fan: Mitch and His Manning Brothers Bromance

Mitch is a New York Giants fan for one reason: Eli Manning. To understand Mitch’s fandom, we must go back to his early teenage years.

He started playing football in middle school, about the time when Peyton Manning entered the league as the No. 1 draft pick. “Everyone was talking about him. He was accurate, had a strong arm, and could read defenses,” Mitch said.

Indeed, he developed a man crush on Peyton. “When I played quarterback, I used to pretend to be Peyton,” said Mitch.

When Eli entered the league, it was all over. As a Long Island, NY native, Mitch had a natural affinity for all New York teams. After Eli went to the Giants in a wacky trade with the San Diego Chargers, Mitch was in love.

“Once Peyton’s brother entered the league for a New York team, I couldn’t help but root for two Mannings,” he said.

While attending Northeastern University in Boston, MA, Mitch had his most glorious experience as a Giants fan. “I had to deal with two recent World Series titles and three Super Bowl victories by Boston teams; it was hard to swallow,” he said.

“So, when Eli showed unbelievable heart by driving down the field, avoiding a big sack, throwing a ball to David Tyree’s helmet, and eventually winning the game for us, I was so happy. New York finally beat Boston.”

The crazy Giants fan and his friend Nate went to a Giants-Cowboys game at the Meadowlands three years ago. They wanted to tailgate but had no grill; thus, they went to a store nearby and bought tinfoil, several tinfoil trays (usually used for baking and making large pasta dishes), two grates, coals, and lighter fluid. The duo set up their own silly mini grill, and had a ball of a time cooking burgers, hot dogs, and sausage.

“We creamed the Cowboys,” Mitch said. “It was seriously the best game ever. Plus, putting together our own grill made it so much more memorable. Did I mention how much I hate Tony Romo?”

Clearly, Mitch has no plans to include Romo in the bromance with the Manning brothers. Little Brother takes precedence these days in Mitch’s heart. He said, “I still love Peyton but if he plays against Eli, it’s not a contest. I’m rooting for Little Bro.”

Crazy, crazy fan, indeed.


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