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Hot Fan: Kaitlin, Not LeBron, is Ohio’s Finest

Happy Hump Day! It’s Wednesday, which means that readers need a picker-upper to help them get through the day and week.

Thank goodness we have that in Kaitlin, our newest hot fan. The beautiful 20-year-old blonde from Toledo, Ohio is not only an awesomely cool sports chick, she is also highly intelligent. The Ohio State student is pursuing a dual degree in Business/Marketing and Journalism through the Honors program.

Kaitlin grew up as a Buckeyes fan. Her dad used to wake her family up in the mornings for football games by playing the OSU marching band CD. “I could’ve probably recognized the Ohio State fight song before the national anthem when I was younger,” she said.

Evan Turner is the favorite player of Ohio’s most attractive sports fan. “He is so talented and always represented Ohio State well on and off the court,” Kaitlin said.

In addition to being a Buckeyes fan, she is also loyal to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Chicago Blackhawks. As for LeBron James, Kaitlin said, “I actually had the opportunity to meet him at a Cleveland Browns game in 2008. He was very nice, and I admire him as an athlete.”

Despite James’s departure from the Cavs, Kaitlin said, “I respect his decision to do what he feels is best for his career. Without sounding like a sore loser, I wasn’t thrilled with the one-hour television special, but I also definitely didn’t approve of the way some fans reacted with the burning of the jerseys.”

Not even Maverick Carter could’ve found fault with the excellent statement above. The aspiring sports public relations manager, marketer, and journalist already has a head start with excellent sound bites.

Thus, it’s not a coincidence that Erin Andrews is her idol. Kaitlin’s most memorable experience occurred when she met Erin at an Ohio State vs. Indiana basketball game.

Kaitlin had told an ESPN cameraman sitting near her that she was a big fan of Erin. The cameraman informed Erin about Kaitlin after the game. “She came right over. She let me hold her microphone and took a picture with me. She totally made my night,” Kaitlin said.

As for what else makes Kaitlin’s night? Having an ambitious, funny, family-oriented man take her out on a date to a good ball game.

She may be your perfect girl, but she’s also taken. Alas, one can always dream, right?

Be sure to follow Kaitlin on Twitter @kaitlingrace16.

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