Sports Winning

I used to handicap and bet on college football. I am not a professional handicapper by any means, but the best method that expert handicappers have recommended is a five-star system.

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Sports Winning

First, choose 10-15 games a week that you think you have an edge on based on the line. For example, if the Florida vs. Georgia game is -14 Florida, and you think that the line should be -15 Florida, then you have a slight edge on the current line.Once you have chosen your 10-15 games, you must rate them based on a five-star system. One star is for games where you have a slight edge, five stars is for games that are absolute locks.

Your sheet should be filled with mostly one and two star ratings. Four and five star ratings should be given rarely, and only if the edge is so skewed that you could not possibly lose.

A one star rating means that you bet that game with one unit. You must determine what your unit is. For example, if my unit is $100, I will bet all one star games for $100 (not including juice). If my unit is $200, I will bet all two star games for $200, and so on.

Square and beginning bettors must also be aware of trap games. A trap game can be classified in two ways. One is as a game where Las Vegas oddsmakers skew a line oddly toward one side. The skewed line would go against all reason and research. This is a “trap” game; that is, oddsmakers want to trap you to bet a certain way by making the line too good to be true.

The second classification for a trap game is when a team comes off a draining, hard-fought, and improbable win only to let down the next week. For example, after undefeated Rutgers beat undefeated and No. 3-ranked Louisville in 2006, the Scarlet Knights lost the next week to 5-5 Cincinnati in a huge let down game.

With these tips, you are now armed to begin your road to professional sports winning methods and handicapping. Good luck!

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