LeBron James Chooses Miami. What Now?

My opinion on the LeBron James decision has been very clear. I think he made the wrong decision for himself. If he wins a title with Miami (and that’s a big if), he will forever be known as Dwyane Wade’s sidekick in the city where Wade has already won a title. He’s essentially saying that [...]

NBA Free Agent Contracts A Race for Ridiculousness

The 2010 NBA Free Agency is like the nuclear arms race. Teams are racing to sign free agents first so the other teams don’t get them. The problem is, the money being thrown out there is absolutely ludicrous. The list of highly overpaid players is growing by the minute. The following is a list of [...]

LeBron James & ESPN’s Summit Rivaling MTV’s Hills for Gossip & Drama

Picture four old ladies sitting on a porch gossiping about the latest rumors in town. Welcome to ESPN’s NBA Free Agency Summit 2010 featuring Mike Wilbon, Tony Kornheiser, Dan Le Batard, and Bill Simmons. It went something like this: Tony: Let’s get our round table discussion started. So, where does everyone think LeBron is going? [...]

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