Michael Jordan Responds to LeBron James Nike Commercial

After LeBron James came out with his “What Should I Do?” Nike commercial, the entire nation voiced its opinion and weighed in on the commercial. James even took jabs at Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. Now, it’s Michael Jordan’s turn to respond. Someone cut up Jordan’s old commercials and put them together into a response. [...]

#SSsports Chat Highlights 11/3/10

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below: @SportsFanaddict: @Susan_Shan It should pls u to know I pretty much just threatened a cab driver to get me to my hotel in time for #SSsports chat. Let’s go! @cagalli_chan: @SportsFanaddict I’m like Randy Moss when he decides to play: when I [...]

Hot Fan: Shauna, Pittsburgh’s Tomboy Beauty Queen

She grew up as a tomboy with a brother who is only 11 months older in the heart of Steeler country. She used to play neighborhood football games, including getting into a fight while she had a broken collarbone with the biggest kid because he grabbed her hair while she headed for the end zone. [...]

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

Is it possible to put this Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant debate to rest once and for all? Why, yes. Just look at the image below: Via: Medical Insurance I think it’s pretty clear that Michael trumps Kobe in all categories except for All-Star MVP, where they tie. Case closed.

Michael Jordan Says He Wouldn’t Have Gone LeBron’s Route

It’s official. Michael Jordan would’ve never joined Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami like LeBron James did. Jordan told NBC Sports, “I would’ve never called up Larry, called up Magic, and say hey let’s get together and play on one team . . . In all honesty, I was trying to beat those guys.” [...]

Kobe Bryant Owns LeBron James Even With Flu

I’m lying in bed sick right now. My eyes hurt, my throat hurts, my nose is stuffy. In fact, my entire body feels like it’s in pain. How do athletes play sports in this state? Let’s rewind to 2009 when our second favorite NBA champion (after his greatness MJ) “vomited before the game, shivered with [...]

LeBron James Chooses Miami. What Now?

My opinion on the LeBron James decision has been very clear. I think he made the wrong decision for himself. If he wins a title with Miami (and that’s a big if), he will forever be known as Dwyane Wade’s sidekick in the city where Wade has already won a title. He’s essentially saying that [...]

LeBron James and Kentucky Not Just a Calipari Connection

I used to live in this part of Hawaii called Pacific Palisades, way up in the mountains. A single road led in and out of Palisades. Going home, I had to take a city bus that only came once an hour. It was the 1997 National Championship game and I was 13. No. 4 seed [...]

King James to Continue Ruling in Cleveland

As you drive down Ontario Street toward downtown Cleveland, it becomes blindingly clear who the city belongs to. Literally. There is a 10-story LeBron James billboard mounted across the street from the Quicken Loans Arena that is 110 feet high and 212 feet wide. In 2007, the federal government deemed the sign to be two-and-a-half [...]

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