#SSsports Chat Highlights for 12/14/10

If you missed Tuesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have a pretty landscape for our #SSsports picture! On Cliff Lee signing with the Philadelphia Phillies… @mtread72: Decision revealed a lot about Lee’s make-up: Top priority really was comfort and care of his son, and not cash [...]

Crazy Fan: Mitch and His Manning Brothers Bromance

Mitch is a New York Giants fan for one reason: Eli Manning. To understand Mitch’s fandom, we must go back to his early teenage years. He started playing football in middle school, about the time when Peyton Manning entered the league as the No. 1 draft pick. “Everyone was talking about him. He was accurate, [...]

Justin Tuck and Ndamukong Suh Make Friendly Bet for Showdown

I got the chance to speak to New York Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck over breakfast at Subway on Tuesday morning. Tuck and Detroit Lions rookie defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh bantered over Skype while reporters in New York and Detroit laughed on. Both players were witty, well-spoken, and very personable. One reporter asked Suh, “What [...]

Ndamukong Suh Issues a Challenge to Justin Tuck for Lions vs. Giants Game

Rookie defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh has issued an official challenge to his counterpart Justin Tuck for this Sunday’s game. Suh and Tuck spoke over Skype this morning with Suh in a Subway restaurant in Detroit and Tuck in a Subway restaurant on the corner of 29th St. and 5th Ave. in New York City. As [...]

Giants vs. Eagles Rivalry Gets Dangerous Behind Enemy Lines

Whether you’re an Eagles or a Giants fan, you can appreciate a rivalry that has dated back to 1933 when the two teams both joined the same division. In 2005, Sports Illustrated even ranked the rivalry at No. 4 in its Top 10 NFL Rivalries Of All Time. Two young men sporting Eagles gear and [...]

NFL Week 2 Observations

After Sunday’s slate of eventful games, here are five observations I’ve made: There was a serious lack of good coaching yesterday. The Cowboys are self-explanatory; they got beat on both sides of the ball. Tony Romo threw two INTs and Roy Williams fumbled the ball away. Their running game totaled a dismal 20 carries for [...]

Did You Know Eli Has a Higher IQ Than Peyton Manning?

Guest post by Nicole Hayward, Edited by Susan Shan Many families crowded around the TV yesterday in anticipation for the brother versus brother showdown. To many fans’ dismay, it wasn’t much of a show at all. Peyton Manning spanked Eli Manning (Final Score: Colts 38, Giants 14). I believe, as Cris Collinsworth put it, “Come [...]

Top 10 NFL QB WHUT?! Faces

So, we’ve decided to compile a top 10 list of WHUT?! faces from our favorite NFL QBs. There are really no standards or criteria for what constitutes a WHUT?! face. Some are funny, some are sad, and some are just downright weird, but they all make us say, “WHUT?!” Number 10: JaMarcus Russell, Currently Unemployed [...]

[AUDIO] Susan’s ISBN Radio Appearance

I went on ISBN’s radio show Pettit Said It with Rusty Pettit on Monday night to discuss various NFL topics. We touched upon Matt Leinart’s performance and future, the Ochocinco-TO (temporary) love fest, the Giants-Jets rivalry, and the Darrelle Revis holdout. Click here to listen to the clip!

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