Big Ben Roethlisberger’s Return Inspires Testament to Fandom

I used to be a Dallas Cowboys fan. I know. Believe me, I know. In my defense, I spent my early childhood in Texas, and found it really hard not to cheer for a team that was so stacked at every position and virtually unbeatable. Besides, all of the adults were cheering for them, and [...]

Brandon Marshall and Wide Receivers These Days

As I watched Brandon Marshall play against the New York Jets last night, I got into a spirited discussion with a friend about who the best wide receiver in the game is today. The top five would probably consist of Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, and yes, Brandon Marshall (in no particular [...]

numberFire is Fantasy Football’s Gift to Men and Women

As an avid and serious fantasy football player, I’m always looking for the edge that will put me ahead of my opponents and take me to the championship. As you know, football and fantasy football are games of inches (or fractional points). When you’re stuck at 12:45pm on Sunday trying to decide between starting Terrell [...]

NFL Week 2 Observations

After Sunday’s slate of eventful games, here are five observations I’ve made: There was a serious lack of good coaching yesterday. The Cowboys are self-explanatory; they got beat on both sides of the ball. Tony Romo threw two INTs and Roy Williams fumbled the ball away. Their running game totaled a dismal 20 carries for [...]

Did You Know Eli Has a Higher IQ Than Peyton Manning?

Guest post by Nicole Hayward, Edited by Susan Shan Many families crowded around the TV yesterday in anticipation for the brother versus brother showdown. To many fans’ dismay, it wasn’t much of a show at all. Peyton Manning spanked Eli Manning (Final Score: Colts 38, Giants 14). I believe, as Cris Collinsworth put it, “Come [...]

Second-Year NFL Head Coaches’ Season Outlook

While most of the attention is bestowed upon rookie head coaches entering a new season, second-year NFL coaches are also under a microscope. Let’s examine 2010′s second-year head coaches and the outlook on their season. Jim Caldwell (14-2), Indianapolis Colts Caldwell reeled off 14 straight wins as Tony Dungy’s successor in 2009, and set the [...]

Aby: The Aspiring Californian Sports Broadcaster

The trend of beautiful ladies going into sports broadcasting is alive and well, and Aby is no exception. The gorgeous 25-year-old Filipina graduated from San Diego State University with degrees in Journalism and Business Marketing. The aspiring sports and entertainment correspondent watched a documentary of George Gervin when she was five years old and instantly [...]

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